print-7497Hi! I’m Nicole Meehan. Earning the title of “Neatest” in my high school yearbook should have been a good indicator that one day I would become a professional organizer. I’m a clutter buster who loves to help people turn their space into one that is organized and working for — not against — them.

There’s no “right way” to organize — through a blend of honesty, humor, and practicality, I collaborate with you to find approaches and systems that are the right fit for your unique situation. While I wouldn’t characterize myself as a minimalist, I do believe that letting go of items that are no longer used, needed, or bringing joy can have an immensely positive effect on our lives. To that end, I encourage all my clients to think critically about their possessions  as part of the organizing process. I also strive to repurpose existing storage and organizational tools you already have in your home (potentially saving you money and further clutter).

I earned my B.S. in Psychology and M.B.A. from Loyola University Chicago. I live in Campbell, CA with my husband and son where I enjoy hiking, reading, and entertaining friends.