Before and After

Hall Closet Organization: This client’s hall closet was stuffed to the max making it a challenge to to find and access items like extra toiletries and cleaning supplies. After a substantial purge, we used bins to separate categories, bring order, and increase usable space.

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Office: When paper clutter gets out of control, it can become overwhelming. That’s what happened in the case of this client. Enter Neat Nic! I helped her sort through vast amounts of paperwork, correspondence, and memorabilia and provided the support she needed to let go of stuff. We got her desk in working order and created a system to manage future papers.

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Playroom: Half of this client’s converted garage was a play area for her twin toddlers. Although there was plenty of space for everything, there was no rhyme or reason to how (and where) toys were located. I reconfigured the space to accommodate a play table (with drawers underneath for trains) and kid books that were previously cluttering up her living room and established “zones” within the space for activities (keeping all the kitchen items and food next to the play kitchen; putting all the farm animals together just below the barn, etc.). To help with cleanup, I used her existing colored bins to group toys according to color (yellow bins=kitchen/food; purple bins=blocks, etc.) and added picture labels to assist her kids in identifying what goes where.

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Master Bedroom Closet: This closet in a rental home had plenty of space, but piles of sweaters, dry cleaner hangers, and unused/worn clothes were taking over! Since installing a permanent organizing system wasn’t an option, I used baskets, a stacking shelf, and a detachable canvas shelving unit to give everything a place. I created appropriate storage for some special apparel (suits and fancy dresses), and setup a usable basket system (dirty/clean clothes) that appeased the husband’s needs for piles and the wife’s need for order!

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Office: Paper clutter was out of control in this client’s home office. We tamed the paper monster by sorting through existing piles and recycling unnecessary documents and junk mail. Then we established a functional filing and three-ring binder system along with a process for managing incoming papers and mail moving forward. The result is a clear desk-top and a home for all the office essentials. Office chaos to office zen.


Master Bathroom: This client’s master bathroom was overwhelmed with product samples, out-of-date makeup, and toiletries she no longer uses. We ditched the cruddy makeup, donated unopened products that she brought but now admits “just aren’t her,” and created a system for her to keep her cosmetics and toiletries organized when she travels. Best of all, everything she kept serves a current purpose and we gave it all a place. We put the items she uses daily on a tray on the countertop and reserved the drawers for lesser used makeup items and hair products.


Living Room: Toy clutter was an eyesore in this client’s living room. By rearranging the furniture, discarding old/broken toys, and setting up better storage for the remaining toys (repurposed from another room in the house), I created a space that works for the family much better.

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Pantry Organization: This client for this project had a small pantry that was overflowing but an underutilized secondary storage space. I moved overage for bulk goods (ziploc bags, flour, sugar, and other staples) to the secondary space, tossed out old/expired food, and used baskets to group like items together (putting them into some repurposed baskets from around the house and other bins from The Dollar Store).

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