Why should I hire you?

As a professional organizer, I teach, guide, and help you implement organizing strategies that are appropriate for your life and home. I do not judge or criticize your clutter. Rather, I bring a blend of honesty, humor, and practicality to the process of helping you get your space in an order that works for you and will suggest organizational skills/systems that you can maintain beyond our time together.

When clutter and disorganization crowd your life, you waste valuable time and money – you get frustrated when you can’t find what you’re looking for and end up buying multiples of things you already have. In hiring me, you are making an investment in your future – one that will ultimately save you time and money and enable you to spend more time doing things you want to be doing.

Should I clean up before our first meeting?

Please don’t clean up! In order for us to make the most of our time together, I need to see how your home honestly looks and feels and for you to openly share what is working and what isn’t about your space.

Are you going to make me get rid of my stuff?

I work for you, and I can’t make you do anything. However, a frequent reason why we have trouble staying organized is because we have too much stuff – we’re holding on to items that we no longer use or need, items that are broken, carried over from another season in our life, etc. I will challenge you to really think about which items spark joy for you and whether they are relevant for your life at this point in time. So, it’s likely that I will strongly encourage you to bid farewell to clothes, books, kitchen gadgets, even some photos and mementos. Once we’ve completed the process of discarding, then we can organize.

Can my kids be home during our session?

It’s your call, but remember you’re paying for this special time with a professional organizer. As a mom, I know the challenges of trying to get stuff done with a small child underfoot, so I recommend that you have someone else watch your child(ren). However, if we’re organizing an older child’s room, he/she should definitely be there to help and give input.

What services do you offer?

My focus is on home organization. I’ve done projects ranging from an afternoon of helping a client downsize and organize her Christmas decorations to multi-day projects involving the creation of a functional home office and transforming a kid’s room into a more friendly and organized play space. See my Services page for more information. I look forward to speaking with you about your particular project.

How long will this take (and how much will it cost)?

Each person is unique. Every home is unique. Therefore the length of time for each project is different and depends on the size and scope of the job and how quickly you make decisions. If you are willing and able to complete homework on multi-session projects, the process usually goes faster.

After a 30-60 minute assessment at your home, I will provide you with a timeline and estimated cost for your particular project.

Is our work together confidential?

Yes! I value the trust you’ve placed in me by inviting me into your space and take your privacy seriously.

Can I check client references?

Of course. Please ask, and I will provide you with a list (you can also check out reviews on my Facebook page or find Neat Nic Organizing on Yelp).

What area do you serve?

I’m based in Campbell, CA and generally offer hands-on organizing services within a 20 mile radius of Campbell. However, even if you live beyond this area, contact me to discuss options. Get started!